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Dr Steve Turley – Are the Democrats destined to become a permanent minority party? That’s exactly what Democrat strategists are warning! 

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You wont see a red wave unless voter fraud is dealt with. Case in point. Polose says she is retiring and now she is going to run again. Something changed her mind. What do you think that is.

No one is going to be voting Republican if they don’t get off their ass and do something… we are sick of being abandoned by all parties… the Democrats are demons we get that…and no self-respecting Christian would vote for a demon. But, republicans are pissing off their base because we aren’t seeing any results, just a lot of speeches of what they want to do, then voting with the democrats….oh, and WTH is with leaving J6 prisoners to rot for a full year while gangsters,(Antifa, BLM) roam the streets murdering people, and robbing stores.

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