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BonginoReport – Well put.

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Imagine a conversation between her and President Houseplant. Cry, or laugh?

Drunk again — hey, Nancy, how about another drink? Pelosi is in office because of DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS — used to be owned by her cronie and fellow criminal, Feinstein. Both these OLD women were not selected by their constituents — they are in office because of election fraud. And now Pelosi has screwed the entire nation by wasting the time of congress on prjects that are FAKE, like trying to get rid of Trump (twice, even after he left office), the Jan 6 witch hunt that Pelosi herself helped to orchestrate, and memes of AOC. What a shit show — this is what happens when election fraud goes unaddressed by DOJ — hey, DOJ, do your job and audit elections. We have a criminal in the white house and a drunk criminal as speaker of the house. Can’t the DOJ do their job and stop election fraud? We do not want these losers in office. DOJ, DO YOUR JOB.

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