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Rebel News – Ezra discussed some examples of how everyday people have come to demonize and turn on one another — and how so many of us simply comply, stand by and watch grave injustices be committed before our eyes.

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The pure bloods should stay away from the shedding vaxed

Vaxxed or un vaxxed who cares!!!! 99% survival rate 2 years in. Vaxxed can still get it and spread it so what’s the point. Natural immunity and natural antibodies are proven to be wayyy more effective!!! Here’s a tip, if your feeling sick don’t go to Christmas dinner, if you do somehow catch Covid your gonna be fine after a week so why the heck is any of this still going on 2 years later. If your not willing to spend Christmas with an unvaxxed family member then your NOT family at all!!! Divide and conquer at its finest!!! Wake up people!!!

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