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Sky News Australia – Sky News host Paul Murray says former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has “reminded us” why it matters that the Taliban are back in charge and “what the scale of radical Islam is”. In a recent speech Mr Blair said “radical Islam believes not only in Islamism, the turning of the religion into a political doctrine, but in the justification of struggle if necessary, arms struggle to achieve it”. “The ideology itself is in inevitable conflict with open, modern, culturally tolerant societies,” Mr Blair said. Mr Murray said, ”that’s why it matters, that’s why it’s not just a political frown face for President Biden, and remember the equipment that was left behind”. “Now I understand why it was necessary to end the war in Afghanistan but why didn’t Biden blow up all the hardware that was left behind, instead it is now in Taliban control, or it is on its way to Iranian control. “Better armed and just as psycho terrorists are frightening.”

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The Taliban and ISIS are back in power because the Democrats voted to put them back in power.

Blair should be in prison, he’s the one that flooded Britain with his open door policy for immigration, mainly Muslim’s, the brass neck of this man is unbelievable.

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