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Fox News – First Liberty Institute general counsel Mike Berry and Shields of Strength owner Kenny Vaughan joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the lawsuit.

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I’m not a religious person, but even this had me welling up with tears because you just don’t tread on someone’s personal beliefs no matter what they are!! This is a GREAT man who built a great company where there was obviously a good need for his products and came from a very selfless place doing so! What they’re doing here is NOT ok!! This is absolutely disgusting thinking they can just take away people’s right to express themselves in their choice of religion ESPECIALLY those who serve our country!!

I am a retired Army Chaplain who has made hundreds of these Shields of Faith available to Soldiers over the years in combat environments and at home. In every case, Soldiers asked for them. In many cases, I or my fellow Chaplains prayed for (blessed) the Soldiers as the dog tags were presented. I find it disturbing that the Pentagon now has a objection to these humble symbols of faith and courage. Perhaps the DOD needs the spiritual attributes these symbols embody more than ever.

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